What is Vendscout.io and how does it work?

Vendscout.io revolutionizes vending location discovery by instantly providing access to a database of vending locations that are ready for servicing. We also send out a monthly list of tailored "potential" vending locations for your specific vending machine type, hassle-free. Simply subscribe to one of our tiers, and we'll send you a list of ideal locations either weekly or monthly, depending on your subscription, along with guidance on how to approach these locations. We'll even find you a vending location if your city is not listed in our database.

What are the subscription options and what do they include?

We now only offer 1subscription tier which is billed annually at $377 per year. The annual subscription includes access to our ready for servicing vending location database; updated weekly, as well as a list of 75 curated potential locations emailed every 30 days. The subscription also includes an e-book guide on how to reach out to vending locations, a location agreement template, and link to book a time on our calendly.

Can I change the type of machine used for my subscription?

Yes, you can! If you originally signed up for us to deliver our monthly curated list based on a traditional snack or drink machine, but want to change it to a list for an ATM or Vape Machine instead, simply email us contact@vendscout.io and we'll change it for you.

Can I change the zip code or City/Country for my subscription?

Yes! Absolutely. Simple email us contact@vendscout.io with the updated zip code or City/Country you'd like for us to use for your future generated location list.

Can I purchase multiple subscriptions with different zip codes?

Yes! Absolutely. Please be sure when purchasing an additional subscription, that you use a different email. This is VERY important because our system connects your subscription email used with the location data generated on the list every week (or month).

What additional resources do subscribers receive?

In addition to the location suggestions, each subscription includes our e-book guide on effectively reaching out to vending locations and what to say when you do. You'll also receive a location agreement template to streamline the process of securing vending locations.

How can I gain access to expert guidance?

Upon subscribing, we'll email you our e-book guide and a link to book a free consultation for personalized expert guidance. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, from finding the right locations to maximizing your vending business's potential.

How do subscribers stay updated on new vending locations?

Subscribers receive instant notifications whenever new vending locations become available in our database. This ensures you never miss out on potential opportunities to expand your vending business.

I subscribed, but didn't receive my list or E-book/Vending Agreement within 10 minutes of purchase?

Please be sure to contact us asap and we'll get that over you via email!

How can I update or cancel my subscription?

Updating or canceling your subscription is quick and easy. Simply click "Manage Your Subcription". From there, you'll have the option to change your subscription preferences, such as pausing your subscription and updating your payment method. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time with just a few clicks. We believe in flexibility and transparency, so there are no hidden fees or long-term commitments.